Damnit Jim!

Why can't I get black shrouds and/or sideplates? It'd be nice to have black fork guards too. Black front # plate, fenders- readily available. IF they're only going to do it half way, why do it at all?!!

O.K. I've vented... I'm better now.

Got it,Thanx!

Be carefull ordering "anything" from Maier.

The quality is shabby at best and does not fit worth a damn.

As far as black fenders and fork gaurds try ONE Industries.

they have a web site but not sure what the addr is. Just try a search for it.

Great quality , fit and finish!

I think Acerbis was looking at making an all black kit for the bike.

check thm out too.




Nope BOY, That's not THUNDER ridin your butt, It is a whole damn HURRICANE!!!!G4

Maier makes black Side Plates. Don't believe your local shop. Check out Maier's web page and get the part number from there and order it from there. It's not the highest quality but then again they are just side plates. I'm going to order a set for my bike soon.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

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