Crank rattling noise

When I rock the crank back and forth, I'm having a rattling noise..

Shot bearings or normal gear rattle? Any help appreciated!

BTW, there's no up and down play in the rod.

You. Sure thats not the gears banging

Any more thoughts?

Main bearings don't rattle like that, at least not from the kind of input you're giving it. Looks like nothing more than normal gear noise. You could, of course, open up the right side and remove the drive gear to isolate the crank if you want to be certain. Main bearings should be evaluated based on whether they are smooth and on their radial clearance. Axial clearance will always be slightly more because of the way the bearings sit together, but if you have more than .002" radial clearance, you should give some serious though to replacing them.


To check the rod big end, refer to the manual. Basically, you hold the big end against one side of the crank and rock the little end left/right. It should move no more than 2mm (.078").

Grayracer, thank you very much!

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