08 muffler on an 04

Anyone tried this? Seems as though the muffler pipe is larger on the 08 versus the 04, but everything else fits great. Only issue I am having is possible exhaust leak around the connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Using the '08 muffler is a great way to cork up the bike without even improving the noise level that much. Seriously, it's a "cute" design on the outside, but the internals are just stupid. Replacing that can on the '08 with almost anything results in 5hp gain or more in the mid range.

Yea if I had a choice I would be on a full system, but the original pipe when I got the bike had the end cutoff, shortened and riveted badly back together. was leaking everywhere around the end. I got this new 08 oem pipe for $1.00 so I bought it. Works good but not sure if when they hacked the pipe off if they changed the jets or I have a leak around the connection. Bike is stumbling and is poppin thought the exhaust bad so not sure what I am up against.

Probably a leak at the mid pipe joint. The '08 has a larger header outlet than the earlier bikes.

Yea that is what I am thinking trying to come up with a fix, but haven't come across anything intelligible yet.

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