92 Ford Box / Race Van For Sale

Truck is in excellent shape, inside & out. Box portion is 14 ft. Set up for mx racing. Custom partition w/ counter top, cabinets, & sleeping area. Also comes with bike wheel shoes-it's race ready. 94,000 miles-all highway. Make me an offer I can't refuse ...E-Mail Cfisher185@excite.com

Located in NJ

There will be a picture located in the Picture Forum ...



Where do you practice or ride for fun? I live in Delran. Im always looking for riding buddies.


Either the ORV Park in Chatsworth or at a private track in Florence. I'm always looking for new places to ride and people to ride with though ... I'm in cinnaminson

where you from? how about 20,000$?

I heard about the track in Florence. A good friend of mine went there and talked to the owner about riding there and he said the guy was really cool but really wouldnt give him a yes or no, he just kept saying to stop by again. This was about 2 weeks ago. We were going to stop by this weekend and see if we could work out an admission price or get permission to ride. How did you get permission? Somebody else told me it was invitation only. I usually ride in wharton forest or the Acto track. Id love to ride the Florence track, as its only about 15 minutes away. Oh yea, I used to live on Middlesex Drive in Cinnaminson (right near Branch Pike and Riverton Rd), I moved to Delran last year.


ELAN - I am in New Jersey. If you are seriously interested please contact me via e-mail - cfisher185@excite.com and we can work something out ...

FlyingGuitars - E-mail me some information I can use to contact you and I will talk to you about Florence .. cfisher185@excite.com

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