Who all has a street legal wr?

Finally got mine insured and registered for street use, they didn't even ask to see the bike or anything :smirk:

2003 450 plated in Utah.

Is it reliable for street riding ?

my 1999 wr400 is plated and has been since 2000

However i just bought this bike recently and when i went to transfer the title and register it in my name it was a major pain.

tookmonths of jumping thru hoops and a couple chp vin inspections to get it all sorted out.

It was a lot of work, but well worthit.

I just bought an '03 WR with supermoto wheels and tires that I just plated and insured. Been riding it around my neighborhood trying to build my faith in it, but can't quite get it to idle as it should. I cleaned the carb myself which didn't help so I took it to the stealership and had the re-jet and tune it which only made it worse as gas just poored out of the overflow so I took it back again and now it idles great with the choke on. Stupid me for thinking a dealership could fix my problems. lol. They supposedly changed the main jet but im guessing I need a larger pilot since the bike idels perfectly with the choke on.

Do you have stock wheels and tires on yours? Are you planning on going the sumo route? What gearing are you running while on the street?

If your bike idles like shit off choke but much better with the choke on, I'd either clean-to-perfection or replace the pilot jet and make 101% sure the passageways are clear.

Was this bike sitting around a lot before you bought it?

Just picked up a plated '03 WR450 a few days ago. I haven't had any seat time yet other than the test ride at purchase. I prefer to check over the whole bike before going out for a 'surprise run'. So far the only glitch is the left turn signal control makes the headlight and tail light flash instead of the turn signal. Right side works fine. Three rights are equivalent to a left, right?

I'm going to run dirt tires on the street till they wear down then maybe get some Dunlop 606. I live in Alberta hence why it was so easy to make it street legal without them even seeing the bike. I haven't even put the kit on yet lol

Plated in AZ.


Head light, tail light with brake light, horn, mirror, license plate and $7.

Is it reliable for street riding ?

It's plated so I can get from one riding place to another. In the forest and Moab I am less restricted in my travel. It doesn't see much pavement, just a few miles here and there.

I have a 2007 WR450f plated in CA. I only use it for connecting trails and not on open pavement use. I only did it to be legal to ride anywhere I wanted to go.


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07 WR450F I plated in Michigan. Just because i wanted to. It is nice to ride to the trails or track. In the middle of suspension upgrade right now.

I have a 99 WR400 plated in CO. The only issue can be the transmission. Because there is no damping system in the drive it puts more pressure on the trans. I tend to shift mine easy on the road since last year,but I mostly use it to get to trails anyway. Last year 4th gear started to pop out only on hard shifts on the road ,never in dirt. I just split the cases a few weeks ago and found worn dogs.Keep I mind that the motor had around 350-400 hours on it. If I had always shifted easy on the road it probably would not have happened.

Mine's not street legal, but I've thought about converting it.

I have a question though. Since these bikes will overheat so quickly on tight trails or just by idling too long; how do you guys keep the bike from overheating in heavy traffic or while stopped at a traffic signal?

Plated, with just a horn. No signals. I don't even run the mirror.

I have a question though. Since these bikes will overheat so quickly on tight trails or just by idling too long; how do you guys keep the bike from overheating in heavy traffic or while stopped at a traffic signal?

Mines street legal in sumo form, I've never had an issue with over temp while sitting at a traffic light... yet, I've never rode the bike in rush minute traffic. Around here traffic flows pretty good. But, I suppose you could alway either install some sumo wheels and catwalk down the sidewalk, or.. leave the dirt setup on and drive in the ditch, or.. install larger radiators, jet it to run slightly rich at idle and if temp is still an issue then install a SPAL 4" pull type fan.

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cali plated 426 (444 big bore...not as reliable as I'd like), cali plated 250F (stroked and bored to 310) very reliable, great bike, cali plated 250 pinger, hell of a fun bike. Like many others, all are plated to connect trails, forest service roads, 2 track, ride national forest, etc.

'06 WR450 with 156 hours on it. Plated in Montana. God I love Montana!!!

'04 plated in Maine. ME just started requiring that motorcycle inspection stickers be displayed on the bike. Should be interesting getting a sticker on it, its almost street legal....

Every WR in Australia is legal right off the showroom floor.

Sorry, just had to rub it in. :smirk:

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