Who all has a street legal wr?

Just got my plate in alberta canada woot. Any one want to ride here ?

Where are you at? I have a supermoto in Lethbridge

Im in edmonton lol hard to find friends up here to moto with

2007 plated in B.C. There are 100's of forestry roads & trails I can ride to in less than a half hour of pavement riding from my house

in Revelstoke. I love it here in the summer!!


I picked up an 03 that had originally been registered as a motorcycle instead of an ohv. My understanding is you can no longer do that in Alberta. Should make our bikes more valuable :)

01 426 plated in Ontario canada, just a brake light and plate holder.

06 plated.

wr450.jpg03 WR450F plated in Colorado.  Bought it used already registered but it is pretty straightforward in Colorado, just need to add brake light, horn, mirror, and DOT tires.  I've put 2000 miles on it, half of which is on the street.  With judicious use of the throttle I get between 60 and 65 miles per gallon.  Great bike.



I have a 04 WR with a plate. As much as I tried to like it in the dirt, i just cant. I find it too heavy for me, at least for the riding i like to do. So I put 17" rims on it and use it on the road

Well....after spending $$ on the pegs I laid it down and messed up the left one.  I need to remove the right one.


Can't be selling the seat, because nobody would buy my bike without a seat.  ;)


And the Dynatek is a must with on this WR.  I only tested it in the seller's neighborhood and was "WOW-ed" by the power (coming off a DRZ).  As soon as I began riding on the highway I was like "WTF"!!  The stuttering was unbearable.  Yamaha really screwed up on their ignition. 

Glenn are you getting a new bike??


Glenn are you getting a new bike??



I've decided I have too much tied up in bikes, and could use the money for other things.   I'll still have a little XT225 for the trails and an older street bike.  Neither are worth very much, so I'll just keep them. 


If I get a decent offer I'll sell it.  If not, I'll consider that a sign that I should keep it.  

I so want to plate my '12 wr but since I live in Cali that probably won't happen any time soon. I might just end up buying an address in another state. Makes me sad. Especially when it looks like the bike has half of the wiring already installed for the europrean street leagle vs.

Just got a street legal 08 WR450. Well, mostly legal anyway. The horn, hi/lo beam, and front brake light are inop but so far it hasn't drawn any unwanted attention.

I have an '06 WR450 with a full Baja kit in it

Completely road legal in Massachusetts, one of the strictest states

With all of the 'grey area' places I ride, it just makes sense

If a cop or an EPO stops me, he has ALOT less to work with if he wants to give me a hard time

I plated my NOS 2012 about a month ago using a Sicass kit.  Super easy here in the Murder Mitten :ride:

09 WR450F and  01 WR250F both plated.  The 250 didn't have to be inspected 4 years ago when I got it, you just signed a form that said it had all the street equipment.  So if it had lights people just put a tag on it.   Now you need to have an inspection by the state police for DOT tires, brake light, horn, mirror, speedo.  

2007 WR450F i picked up this year and did the conversion to plated bike here in Colorado




Like bobpara mentioned above this makes it a lot easier to connect from trail to trail without the worry (but it adds the yearly cost of license plate and insurance).


I have all my other bikes plated as well:  '05 WR250F, '06 KDX200 and '10 Husaberg FE450.  I even managed to plate an '09 KX100 - which I sold this past winter..

I have an 03 WR450 plated in New-Brunswick Canada, that I built and converted to supermoto. 

I will have a newer picture with handguards and carbon gytr soon.


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