Just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you for all the great posts. I figured I'd better finally register since I'm now officially the proud new owner of a used 2007 yz450f. Yay!! Pics to follow as soon as I figure out how to do it.

Mods I'm considering. New Light system to make it street legal so I can ride the TAT trail for a weekend adventure on some country back roads.

Y'all are great. Hat-tip to Grayracer. Your knowledge of bikes is truly impressive!!

Welcome here ! There's a tonne of info if you're looking for it or need to know something, the search function has been my friend many many times. Here's hoping that you'll enjoy your new ride..

The only real good option for lights is a total loss system. The benefit is that it would be easily removeable if you decided to go to the track or that you didn't want the lights on. Welcome to TT!

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