Hard to start '04 WR 450

Ok, I need some help, I have an 04 wr450 and when it sits for a month or so over the winter, its a b&*$h to start. The electric start never works anyway, but I kick for 30 mins and nothing. It pops off once and a while but it will not stay running. I final towed it to start it and final got it to go. Once its started it runs like a raped ape. I got fuel and spark. It has the gray wire,air box,throttle stop mods. Any suggestions, besides ride it more...

Mine did this and it was clogged jets

First thing I would check would be your valve clearances. This will definately make your bike hard to start, not to mention, causing some serious top-end wear to the head. After you make sure they are in spec, then you can go about making sure your carb is spotless. Maniac

If your electric start doesn't work normally than you have other issues. Jetting? Battery good? Valves?

Look for another thread recently where we went over the hard starting thing with Stealth13 for ideas and reasons. After that if you have questions or can tell us what your jetting and carb settings are, if your battery is good and tested good, etc. we'll be happy to answer.

FYI, I harp on this all the time but there is nothing wrong with the electric starter in the WR provided your bike is maintained and tuned right. That is one of the biggest pluses to this bike and one of the major reasons it's heavy so take advantage of it and make it work.


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Thank you all for the information, I gave in and dropped of the bike at the dealer. I know, I know I should do it myself, but the time aspect is the killer. They are going to check the valves, and if they need adjusting they are going to time it to YZ specs, also check out the carb. It was jetted at eh dealer before I bought it but the service guy at that time did not put anything in the computer system for notes. Oh well, as long as I get it back by to ride this weekend.

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