Front Bearings - Size???

Hi my fellow Thumpertalkers,

Anyone know off hand what size bearings are in the front end? Mine are starting to go and I need to buy somemore. Are the front the same as the back? Might as well buy those too.



You mean to tell me that out of all of you TT geniouses out there, not one of you can give me the details :)

I am shocked.... maybe I should post it at the ? :D Just kiddin!



SKF double sealed brg part #

Dave the bearing supplier I told you about in downtown Sac is Bearing Supply Company, 1906 L Street, Sacramento (916) 443-4816. Now that you have a part number you can call and see if they have them. :)


You da MAN :)


Are the front the same as the back?

No, they are different.

I just had the package for the fronts in my desk because someone asks for the brg # about once every month or so.

Don't have the # handy for the rears though, sorry.

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