Aligning front end

Can some one give me some simple and clear instructions on the best way to re-align the front end on my YZ400? The reason I ask is I had a crash about 8 wks ago in wich I broke my ankle, dislocated my sholder and tore my rotator cuf so. I did not damage the bike much I think I just bent the bars a bit and may have the front wheel a little off center.

I will get new bars soon but I want to get the forks and wheel straight so I can see how bent the bars are first. Not to mention I won't be riding for a while yet..

I know I am asking for a lot but I could really use some clear instructions and tips if anyone has em?


For "roughing" the front end back to normal use sirhk's method. Then follow this:

Tighten the axle. leaving the pinch bolts loose.

Then spin the fron tire and slam the brake on, do this 3-4 times and then tighten the caliper side pinch bolts.

Now spin the front wheel and slam the brakes on, do this 3-4 times and tighen the right side pinch bolts.

This will prevent unecessary suspension bushing wear.



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A method I have used it to take two yardsticks, place one on the lower part of your fork cross-ways through the spokes and another up as high as you can on the forks. You can loosen the pinch bolts and sight down the sticks to see that you got it all together straight. It helps to have someone to hold part of this mess together while you do the adjusting.

I had that happen to me once but luckily without all the injuries. Hopefully you get well soon. When I tweaked my front end all I did was loosen up all the fork pinch bolts on the upper and lower triple clamps and it popped back straight. I'm not guarenteeing that that'll fix it but it worked for me. I could actually hear everything flexing back straight as I loosened it all up. Once the triple clamps are loosened up you could probably just kick the tire stright (if you're not too sore :) )



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