Neutral Safety Switch 08 - YZ450

I found out last night that I have an oil leak from my neutral safety switch and I have a race on Saturday. I am guessing it is the o ring that is shot. Do these switches break from time to time or am I safe assuming it is the o ring? It appears to be coming from behind the switch. None of the shops locally have the o ring that fits it. Are these o rings made out of anything different than what I would find at a hardware store. My only other option is to pay $40 in for overnight shipping for a $3 part which isn’t exactly appealing. Anybody have any other ideas on fixes before I bite the bullet on the shipping? I hate temporary fixes but if there is something that will work to get me through about 4 hours of riding at the most I may consider it.

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If you can find an O-ring that fits and is oil resistant it should work. If you can't match the diameter, get one slightly smaller rather than larger. Try to get the cross sectional size as close as possible. A Japanese car dealer's parts counter may have an O-ring assortment that would be more likely to include a match the a hardware store might.

If you haven't had it apart yet, know that there are two small loose parts behind it, a spring and a contact pin.

Excellent. Thanks for the help. One more question.

Does the spring and contact pin go back in as easy as they come out? Any fancy fenangling I will have to do to get it to go in properly?

Usually pretty easy. Stick them in place with a dab of grease or Vaseline.

I'm actually going through this also with my yz250f and have a question for gray. When I put the new o-ring on, should I just put it on dry, then reinstall the neautral switch, or should I put grease or something around it also?

Always lube O-rings with something when the assembly requires them to be slip fit into their bores like that.

Well, I went home to work on the bike last night. I removed the first screw on the neutral safety switch no problem but the second one stripped. Went and bought an easy out and I tried two different sizes and no go. I’ve decided to take the bike to the shop today to have them take care of it. I’m afraid of screwing it up further than I can repair it. The only two Phillips screws on this bike and now I know why they don’t use these more often. What a frustration. I sure hope I’m able to race tomorrow. Oh and I still need to find the o ring that goes in there. . .

The guy at the shop is 50/50 on if he can get that bolt out or not today. Would it be absolutely stupid to ride one race with only one bolt holding that thing in or will the oil pressure blast water through that?

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