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Advice need from those with an FCR-Mx

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I've taken the plunge and am in the process of installing the FCR-Mx Carb on my KLX 300. I'm currently getting the jetting and AP squirt time properly.

The carb came with a #90 Leak Jet. I was thinking I'd put a #35 Leak Jet in there to acheive the recommended 1 sec. duration. I read a previous post about the Leak Jet Plug. Last night I plugged the leak jet and I have exactly .95 sec. duration (Video Verified).

So here is my question: It seems to me that with the leak jet plugged, even the slightest movement of the throttle is going to activate the AP circuit since it is no longer able to leak back to the bowl. Has this been an issue with anyone that has plugged the leak jet?



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