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Thank you all for the info

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Last year I bought a 92 RMX 250 project. The bike was just run out and beaten badly. It had a "new" top and bottom rebuilt motor that never ran right after the build. I've been out of the moto game for 15 years and figured this would be a fun way to jump back in. I quickly realized that the only way to make it right was to tear down every single moving part front to back. I found a dozen things on this bike that were done wrong, backwards, or not at all. Along the way I have read hundreds of posts here and been helped greatly! Today my RMX is fully back from the dead, and dialed in! Absolutely couldn't have done it without the tips, charts, and specs from all of you so thanks! Special thanks to "uncle alpo" and some of you hard core Aussies...Cheers!

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