426 clutch problem

Just put a new clutch cable on on the 426 adjust all the slack out of the cable , now when i put it in gear and pull the clutch in it wont roll forward , i started it up and it pulled of fine , it was working fine before i put the new cable on. Any ideas whats wrong ?

Most of the problem is simply that it's a new clutch. A new clutch will drag (release incompletely) for a while until the friction plates become compacted (loose the resilience the lining has when new), sort of a compressive hardening that takes place, and "burn in" a little bit. This is especially true of the lower priced aftermarket plates. Be careful about staying on top of the cable adjustment for the first little while. It will tend to loose free travel pretty quickly at first, and if you set it up on the tight side and don't watch it closely, you'll end up with no play and damage the new plates.

Gray it was only a new cable i put on

Well, see what happens when you're doing 3 things at the same time and the phone rings?

If you can get the free play adjustment to be correct, the cable is not the problem. It's actually pretty typical of the big YZF's to be difficult to roll in gear with the clutch in unless the clutch is nearly new and almost perfect. Honestly, I'd be surprised if it didn't do the same thing before you put the cable on. I know you said otherwise, but....

try adjusting the cable just a bit more, i just did the same thing, new cable and the clutch wasnt fully disengaging with the lever in, a quick adjustment and bam all better. make sure your doing your adjustments at the bottom by the motor too, not at the lever, that is only for fine tuning out the last bit of slack.

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