2010 yz450f forks bent.

i was curious if anyone could tell me what years or models of front forks would bolt up to my 2010 yz450f without modding anything. just looking to put in a set of forks that work so please help me out guys

From all the info I have gathered about the 2010 forks is that nothing wil,. Anways from 09 and down.

I had a triple clamp that I use on my 06 450 by TAG and this upper triple clamp wouldn't work on my 2010 450 cause the diameter of the fork tube was smaller therefore the clamping surface of the triple clamp wouldn't secure the forks good enough or even get them somewhat tightened.

I'm not saying that they aren't any forks out there that wouldn't work but I believe from 06 up to 09 the forks diameter were the same size.

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