Polishing frame!!!

Hey guys! I am getting a new '01 or '02 YZ426F soon and was wanting to polish the frame. I have a couple of questions though.

1. What all parts can I polish? types of metals?

2. will it rust? even if I put something over it? what can I put over it to keep from rusting?

3. How exactly do you polish stuff? will a sand blaster work? sand paper? steel wool?

4. parts to avoid when polishing?

I plan on stripping the whole bike apart and polishing the frame then putting black plastic with yellow backgrounds and Skin graffix on it. Kinda like what is on Motoman393's website. I love that bike. I will ride it for a little bit as soon as I get if but not for long....by the time I get it winter will almost be here so it will be a winter project.

Good question...I was thinking of stripping the subframe myself and polishing both the swingarm and subframe...sorry I don't have any answers but it's an interesting topic

Good question...I was thinking of stripping the subframe myself and polishing both the swingarm and subframe...sorry I don't have any answers but it's an interesting topic

I knew a couple guys that got their yz250 frames nickle plated. I think they had some connections in the auto business. It looked really cool though. Just like one of them pro circuit or fmf pipes.

If you nickel plate or chrome plate your yzf frame excpect it to over heat. Nickel and chrome both retain heat and will cause your bike to over heat. The oil is in the frame causing problems for tricking out your bike. The only thing that worked for me after nickel plating my yzf was to install a oil cooler. It was a pain to install but did work. If you choose to nickel plate your frame it looks awsome and only cost about three hundred dollars.

i think an oil cooler is a good idea for any yz426/400 ,where do you get one ,and was it hard to install. i know my bike gets a lot hotter than i would like it to and a good oil cooler sounds like it might help extend the life of the engine .

Hey...I would like to know the answer to that question to YZF. Also.....do you have any pictures of you nickel plated YZ? I would like to see what it will look like exactly. Did you plate it yourself? If not....who did it for you? is the $300 including the price of the oil cooler? Where did you mount the oil cooler? Sorry for all of the questions but I'm really wanting to do this and need all the help I can get.

I mounted the cooler ijn front of the left side radiater and fed it through the return line. You can go to a local auto shop and buy a small tranny or power steering cooler. A oil cooler for a car has to big of feed lines it needs to be a tranny cooler. You will see about a 30 degrees drop in engine temp. It only takes about 45 minutes to install and the oil last a lot longer it will throw your oil mesurements off but you can figure it out pretty simple.

Hey guys.

On my 1998 BBR400 (which is for sale for 4200 obo, e-mail me at sexyMXracer57@cs.com for pics, and a list of mods) i have a nickel plated frame. Now, I live in Texas, ride the bike extremely hard, rev it out, and ride it hard. the temp. here on average is about 100 degrees. i have never ever overheated this bike. and i dont have an oil cooler. i do change the oil every other ride though. keeping fresh oil in there is a must for me. but i have never overheated my steed. and it looks extremely trick too. Ill probably do it to my 02 426 that im getting.In fact in my opinion, the silvery nickel plating helps disapate the heat, as opposed to the dark blue that comes on the frame. but thats just me thinking i have whats best, but dont we all? MOTO ON THUMPERS!!!!!!


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