Does any know if individual spoke nipples are available to purchase?

Or, does anyone have any that they would be willing to sell? I've done quite a bit if internet searching, and it seems that there are options in the aftermarket (Moose, not highly rated, it sounds), or entire spoke sets.

The bike is a 2011 yz450, so Excel wheels.

I have three or so that I've managed to round off a bit by using an old spoke wrench that was a little bit stretched out, it appears. I've stopped using that wrench, and am just using the stocker now.

I need to buy a spoke torque wrench, as I may be tightening them too tight as well.

But, first things first. :smirk: Once I get the replacements in, I'll correct the torque specs.

If the nipples are the same thread/size/style as my '06 alum. nipples are, a Kawasaki nipple will work well. I have one on the rear wheel of my '06.

Look at post #11 in this thread:

I thought just for giggles, I'd see if the Kawi spoke nipple would work out. I ordered one, and waited for a week for it to arrive. The aluminum Kawi spoke nipple does indeed fit the stock Yamaha spoke. It's p/n 141032-1086, at a cost of $2.99. :smirk: I don't know if the Kawi spoke would fit, as I didn't need or buy one. But the nipple fits nicely. I hope this info might help someone in the future.

Hope this helps some!


Awesome, thanks guys.

I'll check out both links. :smirk:

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