Steahly Flywheel

I just purchased a brand new YZ 426 (2001) and was quite surprised how difficult it is to start. I'm 5'9" and weigh 160 lbs. There is no way I could start the bike with one foot on the ground and the other kicking, even when I follow "the ritual". I had to lean against a tree or bike stand to have a prayer of kicking it over and even then it was tough to get it to light up.

I just installed a Steahly 10 oz flywheel weight and now the bike is noticeably easier to start. It's still not easy to fire-up, but much better than stock. I strongly recommend this mod to anyone who is frustrated with the YZ 426 starting characteristics. You can call Steahly at 1-800-800-2363. I also installed makes the bike more trail friendly without hurting the track performance.

One last tip, I've noticed that the spark plug is prone to foul after cleaning the air filter with PJ-1 filter treatment. Have others noticed plug fouling after filter cleaning? What chemicals work best?


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