I love my bike now!

Just wanted to give my review for anyone even thinking about the JD Jetting kit and the free mods. I am by no means a good rider but i like to ride in the fast desert and after ALL of the free mods and the jd jet kit my bike is amazing! runs flawlessly and SOOO much different then before, its amazing. I was running with just the pea shooter nixed and the throttle stop cut. Then all the rest of the free mods and the JD Jetting, including two clicks out on the dampening for front and rear and 2 out on the rebound on the forks... Holy crap i feel like im ready for the d-37 number 1 plate! Just do it you will not go back and only regret not doing it sooner if you dont..

Really? After reading the dirt rider issue this month, all they did was the exhaust tip removal, snorkal remoal, and throttle stop fix. They left the jetting alone. Mine bogs really bad but may be a clogged pilot or something. I've not rode it but around the block.

The JD jetting is a must!! Its like a completely different bike!! Although it is possible to get the same results with a lot a patience a good selection of jets & needles, the JD kit takes the guesswork out of it and gets you on the trail sooner!! Enjoy the bike

Nope I thought my bike ran good enough before I jetted it with the JD kit, but not till you feel it jetted.. combined with the grey wire.. huge difference, snorkel I like the sound but don't k is I gained much else from it. Like he said it takes all the guess work out. I highly recommend it. It made me realize how hard it was to ride the way it was.. I guess before I would call the way it made power was "twitchy" now the power comes on so smooth and fast. So impressed with this bike now.. had it out at the king if the hammers race today and couldn't quit grinning.

Good for you KingBrian! Just think, there's other guys on here that continuesly ask for jetting help, when all they have to do is get the JD jet kit. And it comes with such detailed instructions, that you can re-jet for nearly any future riding area, before you get there! Just like I did for my first trip to Baja this winter. Bike ran awesome!! Maniac

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