Help me pick a WR450F and ADV it!

I like the idea of having passenger foot pegs. But thanks for the warning about those being too weak. I can see the flimsieness after you mentioned it. I'd have been bummed after spending $150 on them.

thanks for the heads up.

got a leo vince x3 full system. been dumping rain/snow all week, hopefully I can try it this weekend.


anyone have the jetting down for this pipe?

pretty nice lookin rig you got there sonny :thumbsup:

Is it legal to carry passengers on these bikes? Mine says right on it no passenger. I guess I can take off the sticker .

On my xt225 it has handles and pegs and could carry a passenger


The inserts.. I put the sparky in. I might test the quiet insert, looks a little small

Who cares if passengers is legal, like anyone is going to give you any grief. As long as you have buddy pegs its fine.


made a hitch rack too.

... Selling my XR650L and XR250 for a WR450 that I plan to dual sport. with that said... Is there a way to increase the oil capacity? I think 1000mi oil changes for long street rides, is that enough? ...

Oil capacity IMHO is the big downside to making a WR450F into a true Dual Sport machine. You can get a Recluse clutch cover that gives you another 200 cc of oil over stock but there just isn't that much lubricant to be running around up to Alaska.

To keep the motor happy you should be changing the oil fairly regularly and that won't work well if you are dual-sporting.

That being said I rode my modified WR450F for 9 days in the Copper Canyon area of Mexico with one oil change.

Too bad you can't use oil as coolant, then you could increase the oil capacity by whatever the antifreeze volume is and cool it too.

made a hitch rack too.

How are you getting your bike up onto the rack? Can you show us some more shots of it, please? I'd like to make one too.

I have a truck that been raised a couple of inches and has "stupid big" tires (bought it that way, nice truck otherwise, waiting to wear them out....) and it's a PITA to load a bike. I either use a trailer or have to find a good ditch for loading & unloading.

I use a ramp, just push the bike over the rack until it sits on the skid. It's really quick, a lot quicker than getting it into the back of the dually (really tall bed). I run bolts through the pegs, straps on the handlebars. I'll take more pics when I can..

I don't mind changing the oil on long trips... on my alaska trip I changed the oil and it really wasn't bad. Although it would be nice to have a little more capacity.

I have a few different pipe options :thumbsup:


09 YZ450f full system

07 yz450f muffler

07 wr450f stock system

07 White Bros XCR muffler

on the bike is the Leo Vince full system. I really like the LV... Really nice quality. I would say its around 95db with the spark arrestor, 92db with the quiet tip, 96 open. I am running the spark arrestor, but I might put the quiet one in.. I have been busy working around the shop today so I only got a chance to ride it around the yard, I'll ride far tomorrow. According to their testing you get around 47HP uncorked on the WR450. I haven't touched the jetting, but it seems about right.. although I need to fix the bog. I think there is a 170 main in right now.

I am going to test the other systems too just to compare. I like the shorty pipe, and I have a PMB spark arrestor + ultra silent insert for it.

The White Bros pipe is pretty nice, a bit long though. It sounded pretty quiet, probably about 94db.


If anyone wants to buy a system let me know, I am going to stick with the LV in the end I think. I might keep the 09 header/pipe for a backup.

09 YZF head pipe VS stock WR



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Wow, great pics and nice setup! :thumbsup:

Look at them pipes. Double :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

YZF a little quieter can than the aftermarket? Was said to be a quiet silencer.

I haven't tried the YZF pipes yet. I tried the Leo vince today with just the spark arrestor... ah my ears! WAY too loud. Just running it sitting in the driveway yesterday sounded totally different than actually riding it. I would say without the quiet insert it sounded like 98db. probably 94db with the insert, just acceptable for me.

I really need to pull everything apart to get the carb out, the bog is driving me crazy. It runs great until I whack the throttle off idle... bog big time.

Got it running well. ended up with 168/48 jets, 1.5 turns out. Did the O ring mod, but I zip tied it instead of an o ring, seems like it is held much more secure. throttle response is very well improved.

the camera makes the pipe seem really loud for some reason. It's actually fairly quiet, about on par with the Q4, although a much different note

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slapped the 09 yzf system on. PMB spark, quiet core, ultra silent tip. sounds really good so far. its dumping snow outside, no testing yet



If I like the YZF system I will use it for single track, it is much less exposed, and much cheaper to replace if I trash it


removed both inner baffles



Love the small size of the 09yzf system. I run mine with just the spark arrestor and it is way loud :thumbsup: . I need to buy the quiet insert and give that a try. Like the sound of the LV system :thumbsup:

Tubliss front and rear now. I tested it on the rear, ran walker valley single track all day at 0 psi without a hiccup. Got home and jammed a plug in the puncture and I was done :thumbsup:.

Also tested the YZF system. WOW I am impressed! Right up there in power with the LV. I would say the LV is a hair nicer but I am going to run this yzf pipe until summertime when the trails arent so slick. Volume is right around 94db I would guess. Its got bark whenyou hammer it but not too much.



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The YZF can looks trick! Does the YZF header bolt right up to the cylinder? You need airbox graphics.

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yeah, I really like the shorty look, it should fare better in crashes too. The YZF head pipe bolts right up. That thing is HUGE, the head pipe is about 30% bigger in diameter. Went out and practiced wheelies for a bit... Its hard to get used to the LHRB only when I want to kick the rear brake out of habit. I am getting better though. bike graphics don't last for me. Usually about two or three rides at walker and they are gone.

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Yes, W. Wash is not friendly to graphics. I asked about the header coz I wanted to put a WR250F exhaust on my YZ250F but knew I had to get the WR header. Don't matter no more. Back to Honda. :thumbsup:

Yikes!, I didnt realize they made the header so much smaller on the newer WRs. The head pipe really has to help alot

I never had a bike where a pipe made such a drastic difference in power. Maybe I changed pipes that were closer in performance levels .

The WR motor to me is a full on race motor.Any attempt to tone it down wont make it like a DR or XR, it just makes it run like crap

Every time I made a change to mine I felt like a big deal tuner because I got a noticeable result.

I like the White Bros pipes. The can seems super strong and is big. Big is good for quiet as long as it isnt restricted with baffles

did you repack it yet? They have a nice cartridge of packing set up.

Yes the WR doesnt hold as much oil as needed for dual sport long distances. It doesnt take much to pull the plug and just drain a quart and replace a quart.

There are a few threads on there where ppl have rigged oil coolers. A few months ago I remember someone adding a tank to add capacity and sat it behind the right radiator

I wish my bike not holding enough oil for too much riding was a problem I had to deal with

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