Help me pick a WR450F and ADV it!

Is it legal to carry passengers on these bikes? Mine says right on it no passenger. I guess I can take off the sticker .

On my xt225 it has handles and pegs and could carry a passenger

we are using full on dirt bikes to ride on the road and you are concerned with the legality of a passenger?

_MG_6024.JPG_MG_6034.JPGWell its pretty much setup now. Just waiting for the IMS tank.. I didnt want the nutbuster on the clarke.

Had to mount the hot start back on the left side, was getting pulled sometimes on full lock right turns.

Went riding.. Ran out of gas, took 4 beercan fulls to get me back. The IMS should be just right.

Highway cruising was nice. First time riding extended at 60mph. 5000RPM, very relaxed.


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we are using full on dirt bikes to ride on the road and you are concerned with the legality of a passenger?

Just gives them another reason to pull me over... Already got enough issues with cops on this bike as it is

I bet those were PBR 12 ouncers and I know who carried them. I see him checking out yer WR above. How far did you get on 2.1 gallons? 4 beers is 0.38 gallons BTW.

WV looks like Central Wash with the clear cuts, powerline ROW, sun, and deciduous trees. You had me fooled until I saw Lake Cavanaugh. :thumbsup:

yep you got it, HH brew :thumbsup:. I don't remember how far I got.. I'd say 0.5g shy of two half day trail rides?

the bike is pretty much finished.

Clark 3.6g tank on, natural color. I was pretty set on the IMS but I went back and looked at DustDogg's pictures and after riding with HH I decided against it for the bigger, clear, Clarke. I am very happy with it!



I routed the gas line up behind the tank flap, but I am not sure about it.. how do you guys have yours routed?


I might get a rear disc brake shark fin, but I don't know if I need it... should I bother?

Otherwise... it's pretty much just how I want it :thumbsup:


these were from today.. I got home from riding and the tank was there :thumbsup:


rear tusk rotors are only $60 each. :thumbsup:

the stock petcock has internal filter so why run second?

tell me more about those mad max handguards. :thumbsup:

yeah that's kind of what I was thinking.

It filters better? I didn't have a long enough fuel line.. used it to connect two lines together. Maybe I'll run the petcock backwards

I cut up 5 gallon buckets. don't forget the drowning baby :thumbsup:

IDK if it filter better but it does filter. big tanks are a PIA for fuel lines I know.

The hot ticket for routing your fuel line is to replace your stock petcock with one from a steel framed WR. It is a direct swap and as long as you buy one for the WR and NOT the YZ you will keep the reserve function. The reason to use this petcock is that the fuel line is connected on the opposite side and keeps the fuel line from having to wrap around as you have found. Don't you just love factory parts solving problems like this?


So I tried out the 07 YZF muffler. My favorite for sure. Sounds really awesome, and probably the quietest of the bunch to boot. The pipe diameter is larger than the Leo Vince w/ silent insert (without insert Leo Vince is quite a bit louder). It is also larger than the 08 YZF W/ PMB end cap. Better power than the 08 YZF with the PMB on it, probably close to the Leo Vince without the silent insert. I reversed the petcock and made a straight shot with the fuel line to the carb, it is actually really easy to spin the petcock handle.

Added a spark arrestor to the 07 YZF pipe to be legal



Got the new clutch cover on too. I think it added only about 150ml according to my measurements, but it seems a lot stronger than the stocker. Looks better too


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What a great thread, well done!

FLU graphics kit. Hair dryer and patience got it on ok.

Tried Pirelli MT43 rear tire + Stock D739... Worked well... Better straight line traction, not as good on the corners. Super smooth on the road


The big tank is great. Went on a dual sport ride and got 48mpg... 106mi and still tons of gas.


Then went singletrackin and 47mi later I still had over half a tank! The rekluse has been worth its weight in gold by letting me run street gears without stalling it all the time. The suspension is almost perfect for my weight.


_MG_7196.JPGStashing tools.


AIR comp

air compressor


Dunlop MX51 90/100 front and Michelin Trial X Light for rear... awesome summer rock tires


Those Flu graphics are sick! Get it? Sick! I see a trials bike in there too. Looks like yer set up now.

Just gives them another reason to pull me over... Already got enough issues with cops on this bike as it is

I believe as long as you have passenger pegs you should be fine. Although there is not much room for a passenger on a WR, and that is a lot of added weight onto your rear suspension. I would not want to do anything more than a 15mph cruise around the neighborhood 2 up on a WR.


What are the tire plugging tools for?

If you are interesting in passenger pegs for the WR take a look at this thread - http://www.thumperta...tpegs-07-wr450/

I have hauled my wife with me in CO and SD on 5 - 10 day riding trips and they work awesome. They're well made and basically bolt right on. If I remember correctly they are made by Honda. Hit up TT member HM450 if you are interested, he can hook you up with a pair.

Also - when we were in CO we did a 200 mile road ride (on my WR with a passenger). We ended up going through some towns and passed plenty of cops they didn't even seem to give us a 2nd glance. My setup only includes the factory headlight and taillight. I am plated.

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_MG_8889.JPGFigured out a spare front tube fits behind the skid plate rather nicely... Also put a new brake rotor and a rotor guard.


Played with the 09 pipe some more



Used a 29MM socket to ram out the inner baffle. Cut off the tip and pinned it on the end of the outer baffle as seen above. Result is seemingly a bit more top end power than the PMB, and same DB level, although the raspiness is gone now. Sounds wicked



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