Air filter screen on 2011 YZ450

Has anyone removed this metal screen yet? The manual says that it`s only there to prevent dropping something in the air boot. It`s got to be choking air to the engine. Thanks.

it dosnt make anymore power you wont feel any diffrence if you remove it you will have to use a backfire flame resistant filter and there not cheap.

Well the backfire screens were more for the carb engines. The Twin Air systems have never used backfire screens either. I say take er out, just another place to trap dirt. Thanks for your info.

when you accidentally drop a bolt or socket it keeps them from falling into your intake....or head.

i would leave it as mentioned, no extra power is gained from removing it. but, it will stop the engine from sucking in the thin flimsy frail OEM filter

It doesnt choke down any air

Well the backfire screens were more for the carb engines.

Sorry, that's just plain false.

There's nothing to be gained from removing it because the filter is more resistant to air flow than the screen. Leave it

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