thinking of a xr650l dual sport for a adventure in montana how good is this bike on the road. good aftermarket a must. :)

Now this is coming from a guy who's had (3) 82 XL500R's, (2) 83 XL600R's and now has a 98 XR650L. They're ---king great! I just rode over 100 miles on Sunday here in San Diego on some of the most scenic foothill twisties in town and what a ride.

I just picked this bike up about a month ago and it looks (and feels) like its fresh out of the showroom. It has the stock dual purpose, I mean, "dual sport" tires on it so the ride isn't too harsh. By all means do the recommended hop-ups and you won't be disappointed. The re-jetting and the smog equipment removal are a must for increasing the pickup and top end. It doesn't stop there either, but it's a good start.

This bike (and the others) handle as well, if not better, than most street bikes on mountain roads. What people don't realize that don't ride Thumpers is that you can turn 'em like a dirt bike on the road or you can drop your inside knee a rail 'em into a turn like a street bike. At least I do both anyway depending on how fast I'm cornering.

The drawbacks are that the stock gas tanks are too small and the seat is not the most comfy. You need to take 5-10 minute breaks after about 30-45 minutes of continuous road riding. Ahhh, but the electric start. Did I mention the electric start. Don't get me wrong, I almost bought an XR650R just to have that feature, no lie. Just push the "magic button" and you're off.

Do like every consumer should and test ride each bike you're interested in. That way you'll know for sure. :)

Very happy with mine, there are many bikes faster, lighter, prettier and better handling, but the XR650L is bulletproof and a do Anything bike (no motocross).


I've had my 1995 XR650L since it was new. It is still my favorite bike. It's a bit porky, but you learn to deal with it, and ride accordingly. It gets 48mpg on it's worst day with the trottle pinned. It now has 42,000 miles on it, and it runs like a watch!!

It comfortable, Quiet, and way easy to start with that magic button. :)

I took my XR out to Montana for two weeks in July this year. And I can tell you the best thing on an XR would be to get the larger fuel tank. You can easily go into the mountains and ride 80 miles without seeing a gas station. That being said I had a great time on mine out there. The trails are great and some absolutely beautiful country to see. The soil is far sandier than what I'm used to so having an aggressive offroad tread is not neccesarily needed. I ran the M21 front and a D606 rear and never had a problem. You could get away with a little less aggresive in the rear. Needless to say the XR is a great bike for Montana but if you ever lay it down it will get heavy quick. :)

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