blue vs orange

Well leave it me to bring it to this discussion, but you seem like an honest bunch! Whats the deal with the KTM mxc's in the 525 variety? I know they are more, but I like what I see and hear. Big tank, six speeds, E start, hyd clutch, lights, braided lines, kick stand. Any particular reason you opt for the wr?

I opted for the WR due to:

1) availability of parts and dealerships( this may not be a concern to you)

2) Ive ridden Green,2 yellows, a red and now my blue. So I am not color biased. However, from what I had read the Yamaha High performance 4 strokes are the best.

3) I love the powerband punch that the WR has. With the punch up top it still has tons of torque and I am coming from a tricked out '01 XR650r(BRP)

4) I think it looks cool

5) It is easy to work on.

CON: If you live in Cali., buy the KTM. It is green sticker where WR is not. Hope this helps. :)

My brother has a 525MXC. We rode Taylor Park, Woodland Park and Rampart Range this summer. The tank is big but not too wide. Quick and percise steering and slightly harsh front suspension & good rear suspension. Motor is weak down low compared to the WR and it has a lot less flywheel effect. It rips up top and out pulls the WR450 on any straight. Hydraulic clutch is so good I ordered a Magura Jack unit for my bike. The bike feels lighter than the Yamaha even though they are the same weight. 6 speed gear box is great but 1st is a little tall compared to the WR450 first. It holds one more gallon of gas than the WR450 and the e-start is a lot more reliable than the WR450 when it comes to cold starting. Both are great bikes but the WR was a wise choice for me. :)

I ride with 4 buds that have oranges. Two '03 525sx's, an '03 450 sx and a '00 400sx. All but one of the 525's have had problems. Rear hubs shot, oil leaks from various seals, 2nd and 4th gears gone out, stock chains and rear sprockets broke causing case holes, on and on. It seems like every time we ride one of the orange bikes breaks something. Im not banging 'em too bad, I would still probably buy 450 or 525 E/XC, but I love my trusty old WR. I take good care of it, and it takes good care of me.

KTMs are ready to race out of the crate. You can argue so are WRs, but without the 'mods' they are kinda doggy.

KTMs do have the hydraulic clutch, which is beyond sweet. Parts are never an issue. I would say in most instances they are the same price part by part as a Yamaha, and just as available. There are KTM dealers out there that just seem to stock EVERY part including any specialty tools you might want.

I think the biggest difference is in the powerband. KTMs pull smooth everywhere - Yamaha (modded out) have somewhat of a hit. The only other thing I can think of is that where I live KTMs seem to have a higher resale value.

You will enjoy either bike, just have fun! I own one of each so I get the best of both worlds.

The best dealership in Tucson is a Yamaha dealer,Eastside Cycle...been in business ever since I can remember, the current owners used to be employees. :):D

Closest KTM dealer is ~120 miles away.... Eastside was a KTM dealer for several years, but dropped them because of 2 things, couldn't get parts to support them and the reliability wasn't very good. I hear it's better now....

My '02 520 E/XC has been bullet proof so far. No chain or hub problems. Usually, the chain problems are related to people over tightening them. They need to run a little looser on the Katooms. You can get more specifics on that on the KTM forum. At the beginning there were a couple of minor oil leaks but, they were resolved by simply re-torquing the bolds. I went through a few sets of fork seals until my mechanic found something that seems to be holding up pretty well now. I have had no problems getting parts. Although in all honesty, I haven't needed many as that many things haven't broken. The 520s are thirsty beast. Since I dual sport and ride longer rides, I put a larger Clark tank on mine. The MXC may have a lighting coil but it doesn't come with lights. The E/XC does. Having said all that. My '02 WR400 was and still is a work horse. I handed it down to one of my sons. That bike still rips and has been trouble free. Good luck on your decision. I don't think you can wrong no matter what you decide to do. Blue is still a better looking color than orange though. :D



Price and availability were my main reasons. Not nearley as many used KTMs for sale as WRs. Im more of a buy a good bike cheap and free or cheap do it yourself mods are fine with me to get a top notch bike in the end. I cant stand the orange color realy either. But its a great bike. If I ever get the change to pick one up cheap I will becuse its no problem to get tags for it and make it a dual sport.

WR-Jason hit the nail on the head, I know KTM's are great bikes, but can't they come up with something better than bright orange with a gold frame. It looks like somebody beat on them with an ugly stick. Guys that chose that orange over beautiful blue, well, it makes me wonder what their wives or girlfriends look like. :)

There is a KTM dealer right on the side of I-10 right around the Prince Rd. exit. I would still buy the Blue here in Tucson cause the people at eastside are very knowledgeable and helpful. Over all the motorcycle shop expience usually sucks but the people over at eastside seem to ease the pain alittle the more you go in there. Dealers should be cool for the money they charge.

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