broken rear sprocket

Last weekend at Washougal in my second moto I was the door mat for over 35 riders in the first turn. I finished out the moto and tried my third moto but my sprain ankle made if too difficult to ride fast. Sunday morning I got up, put on my gear, tried to ignore the ankle but the swelling & pain was to great just having my boot on, sooooo my day came to an end before it started. As im sitting there later in the day (pouting)I happened to look over at my bike and "what the hell" I have 6 breaks in my rear sprocket (aftermarket), one break goes all the way to the hub and I can feel a hump in the hub where the break is, one tooth is also half gone I suspect this from the sprocket pulling apart causing the chain to land on the tooth. I checked my sprockets before racing my first moto and it was fine, I hadn't check before the second because my can of wax was empty. All the bolts are tight and the slack is fine. "THANK YOU GUARDIAN ANGEL" My guardian angels must have been wathing over me, I hate to think what might have happened to me & the bike had I raced it, I dont think the thing would have made another lap. With all the bad rear hub reports I would have suspected the hub if it had been destroyed, but in this case it was a sprocket that would have done the damage.



What brand was the sprocket?


Holeshot's Page



Doug, I hate to suggest this, but your hub may be stressed to the point that it could go next. I would inspect it after every ride. Is your bike a '00? Good luck.


Yes its an 00.


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