So I found out that I need to replace the inner and outer seal on my water pump cover since there is antifreeze leaking out of the "weep hole" has anyone heard of this. It kind of makes me mad since my bike is a 2003. I bought a new bike so I wouldnt have to deal with stuff like this. Oh well. Now that the thing is going to be apart. I think that I want to drain all of the coolant and run either water wetter or engine ice or something like that. HAs anyone used it and if so what are the results. Thanks, D :D:):D

You dont need water wetter on the WR450 with the huge radiator and overflow bottle standard antifreeze and distilled water 50/50 works great all year round. I was going to put some in the summer but the bike just did not get hot. I was surprised but lugging around in first gear on a hot summer day did not even get close to boiling off the coolant. :)

I use Blue Ice and I think its great. Two weeks ago I was on a single track along side of a mountain doing about 3-5 MPH and I started to over heat. After I stopped and cooled off I looked into the radiator and it was full but my extra coolant tank and it :) was empty. I don't know if that helps but I thought I'd share that story

The only time I ever boiled my bike was the first time I took it out and tried this gnarly hill climb. I wasnt used to the bike yet and was stalling it, burning the clutch etc. Since then, not one overheat. I now run water wetter and have removed my overflow reservior and have not had any issue whatsoever. I rode this summer in 107F heat. I run it all year since it does not freeze any where I ride.

I rode my WR 450 in a parade in April of this year and even with "Water Wetter", the bike boiled. Of coarse we were moving at a walking pace with a lot of stops to keep from running over the group ahead of us. I had a chance to ride another parade on the 4th of July and I declined. I went camping and riding instead. It was way more fun. Neither me or the bike boiled. :)


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