2010-2012 YZ450F Triple Clamps on YZ250

I couldn't get a straight answer on the two-stroke forum, so I was wondering if any of you knew if the stock 2010-2012 YZ450F triple clamps would fit on an 06 YZ250 two stroke. I'm looking for 22 or 22.5mm offset clamps for my YZ250 two stroke and realized that the stock 2010-2012 YZ450F triple clamps are 22mm offset. Would I just need to press out the stem on my current stock YZ250 triple clamps? I can find stock 10-12 YZ450F triple clamps much cheaper on ebay then spending $600+ on RG3 triple clamps for the YZ250. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Just sent you a message on my 2010 YZ450F triple clamps..

You have do do some measuring. There are 3 things to consider:

  • Stem length. If this doesn't match up to a functional level, then you need to know whether the stem can be replaced with yours.
  • Clamp diameters, upper and lower, and whether they match up with your '06 forks
  • Center-to-center distance of the tube clamps. If this is slightly different, it can be corrected by tinkering with wheel spacers and recentering the rim on the hub.

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