A few questions on my 06 wr 450

So yesterday I picked up an 06 wr 450 that's in pretty good shape with a few minor exceptions. Ok my first question is will the front number plate from a 06 yz 450 fit it?(it has no headlight now). And the second question it's leaking a little antifreeze out of the bottom, after doing a little research I think it's the water pump seal? How hard is that to fix, or how much would I have to pay to get it fixed? And also where could I get the parts to do that? Thanks in advance

My 06 leaked a bit out of the hose the first couple times I started it this year, and hasn't since. So make sure it keeps leaking before you pay to have it fixed

Cpriest, I think your saying it's leaking out of the bottom of the water pump, at the weep hole, correct? If so, then yes, the water pump seal will have to be replaced. It's not all that difficult if you have the manual. Maniac

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