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How to adjust XR250L Accelerator Pump

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I think I have finally found the problem on my bike lean issue. The XRLs are only equipped with accelerator pumps to rid of low end hesitation. From what I understand, they work great, when they work. Now when it appears as it is not working (in my case) the engine hesitates extremely and is very annoying. So if you take a look at the picture and video, I need to increase the amount the needle is being pushed down at idle.




I will have better picture when I pull the carb off.

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Yes the 250L carb is very poorly jetted (RESTRICTED), Way too lean, Not good for your motor too

+1, Shorten the spring

DONT bend the tab, That just gives you less pump travel

If you want to jet your carby much closer to XR250R specs use the Keyster KH-0831 kit and it includes all you will need, Took me a lot of stuffin round to work it all out but its guaranteed

You can search ebay or online shops or (google) Keyster KH-0831

This is where I got my kit here in OZ>


I used to need the choke to start it and even then it did not start very easy

This is how it runs now, NOTE: there seems to be an Audio delay in the video, Listen rather than watch>

This is a bit more detail on how I worked it all out, Hope this helps>


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