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SM chain guide / home made

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I was having what I considered pretty substantial chain rub so my plan was to offset the rim a bit and get the OEM SM chain guide. Well I offset the rim, which is the correct way to remedy this problem, and just wanted the "buffer" / guide as extra insurance. I went to my local dealer and the want $50!!! for that sucker. That irratated me! I went online and could find it for $40... + shipping and waiting. So I said screw it and got out my very crude metal working tools and made one. I think it came out pretty good though. Keep in mind please.... I don't have a band saw or any "real" metal working tools, just a 4" suicide wheel, a hammer, a bench vice and a dremel.

Here are my materials.

Small 16 gauge sheet of metal, and a poly cutting board from target! And a couple screws / locknuts


So I cut out a little piece of metal and rough formed the bracket and slider.


Just had to keep bending / grinding / testing until the fit was good.



Getting close to final form....


Test fitting with the slider in place...



Slider test mouted...


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Finished painted part...


And finally a few pics of it mounted,





Seems like it's going to be pretty functional for what I wanted it to do. So for anyone else out there having this issue or trying to avoid tire rub altogether, for about $15 and making some sparks in the garage you could make something like, and probably better than this with some real metal working tools! Thanks for checking it out.

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