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Street wheelset for te450 tire and sprocket question

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I'm planning on buying a new set of wheels for my 09 te450 so I can run some more street friendly tires for tooling around town. I've had a couple of close calls almost skidding through intersections on short stops riding on my knobbies. I'm looking at the Pirelli mt90 even though I would probably buy less of a "Dual Sport" tire and more of a street/Supermoto style tire but I'm having trouble finding something I like in the stock size configuration(18" rear/21" front). I would like to maintain the stock size so I have the option later down the road to change the street tire out with another dirt tire for hard pack ect.. On my existing rims, I plan on getting rid of my Enduro III's which are horrible on the street and just so so on the trails in my opinion, and trading up to a set of Dunlop mx31 as most of the trails I ride are mostly soft to intermediate terrain. To make a long story short, I would like to have a set of dirt and a set of street tires. I'm not too keen on gearing formulas, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what size rear sprocket I should order with my street wheelset? I would like to have something I could swap out quick if I was heading north to trail ride, so I would prefer not to have to change the counter shaft sprocket (although I would have no problem doing it if there was a huge difference on the street) If anyone has any suggestions for sprocket combos or even tire suggestions it would be much appreciated!



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