Which tire combos have you

guys found to work best for

dry hardpack conditions?

im running the dunlop 756 front

and the 739 rear both @ 14 psi.

the rear seems to hookup pretty good

but the front end feels

a little bit loose.

anyone have any suggestions?

The 756 is a intermediate to soft tire. If is really hard and dry, the bridgestone M23 works great.

For anything less that blue groove hardpack, I use the Dunlop 755 which is a great all around tire. It works well on the hard stuff and still works good in the softer stuff.


Dunlop 755 front and Bridgestone M78 (120/90) rear this combo works really well in the hard stuff and crosses over really well in the soft stuff as well! This is the only set up I run now!



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

I use Michelin MH2's front and rear with good results. Also, try reducing pressure in your tires a little. I was running 14 psi, dropped to 12-12.5, and noticed a big improvement.

I've been having good luck with the Maxxis Maxxcross HT...not only do they last quite awhile but they're pretty cheap

I want to second Motoman393 sugestion. I ran this setup on my KX250. It works very well. As soon as the Texas heat cools down I will be switching mine to this combo.



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