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Manual cam chain adjustment on 250F

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I installed a DJH manual tensioner several motnhs ago. All has been working well but I just don't know if I have it adjusted properly. I think my tedency would be to set it too tight. The tensioner is very difficult to access on the 250. It is close to the frame, a coolant hose and the exhaust. Even with a ball end allen wrench, I find hard to adjust with a sensitive feel, especially with the motor running. I made a little tool to replace the allen wrench and it works great. The tool fits between the adjustment screw and the frame. It can be turned easily with fingers, it is easy to visually keep track of the small adjustments and the roll pins allow me to hold it in place with a screw driver as I tighten down the lock nut.




I'm wondering if anybody has paid attention to the slack in the chain when it is properly adjusted. With the motor at TDC, I've been checking the gap between the top of the chain and the top chain guide. Small adjustments are very obvious by watching this gap. Once I have mine set where I think it should be I get about an 1/8" gap between the two if put my thumbnail on one of the pins and pull down on the chain. I think monitoring the gap would be a more consistent way of adjusting the chain and I wondering what kind of gap would be appropriate.


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