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Pro Circuit T4GP vs Ti4R ? - 2009

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So I'm really considering a big change for my bike, aiming for a full system,

I live in Brasil, and everything costs a lot here, a brand new full system by

Pro Circuit costs almost R$3,000,00 ~ USD1,760,00

I found a guy on my local classifieds which is selling a Pro Circuit T4 GP

single side stainless steel system for R$1,300,00 ~ USD580,00

I was kinda wanting a T4R or even a Ti4R system, which is with the welded end cap,

looks much better iMO, 94DB output and I've been told it pulls more on top.

So my situation is, should I get the 'barely used' T4GP, or should I import

a Ti4R for USD720,00 plus 60% import taxes ? (USD1,150,00 ~ R$1,960,00)

Is a Ti4R worth that much over the T4GP ?

If you got any of those installed please post pics or video !

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