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2003 CRF150F Help

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Hi Guys I just finally decided on a bike and picked up a crf150f 2003 in mint shape. The bike starts and once running its runs great the only problem is like I have been reading about alot of these 4 stroke bikes in this class.....It has a hard time warming up and if you don't keep the revs up and get it warm for abit it just wants to quit. Once it's warmed up then its all good. The bike right now is stock. I heard that theses bikes run to lean from the factory and that people are doing the jetting and air mods to help with that but I find everyone says something abit different so would like some opinions on what to do to make it start easier.

Like what proper size jets should I get and what air mods should I do or anything else you guys recommend. The bikes in storage for the winter but need to get it ready for spring soon. Also does anyone one the proper idle setting for these bikes?

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