Question about Rivets?

Hey Guys,

I got a few questions about removing/installing rivets in a stock muffler.

1)Removal: How are you supposed to remove these things? (Im guessing a drill bit that fits in the hole right?)

2)Installation: How do you install new rivets once you remove the olds ones? and can you buy them at a local hardware store?

The reason I am asking about removing/installing the rivets is: I bent my stock muffler very slightly about 6 months ago, and it barely rubs the rear tire. I need to remove the canister to bend the mid section piece back (it is only bent about 1/2" and will be easy to repair). But, the canister has to be removed first! I would appreciate any replies you guys have Thanks,



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You can remove them with a drill, or a small grinder if you're very careful. The drill would probably be neater and easier.

You can get new rivits at the local hardware store and you'll also need a rivit gun. You should be able to get a home use model for only a few bucks (I'm guessing less than $20).

Just food for thought, but I have seen people use self tapping screws slightly larger than the holes left by the rivits to reassemble mufflers on other bikes in the past, I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work here as well. That way in the future instead of drilling rivits you just unscrew and remove it.

I've removed mine before with a drill & used screws to replace, just make sure you seal everything with hi-temp sillycone.


Use a drill, thats the way to go.



You want to use the drill. Use a bit that is larger than the hollow hole, but smaller than the head of the rivet. Does anyone know the diameter of those rivets? You want to use a drill bit that is the exact diameter preferably, so you can just drive right through and then get the remnants of the debris out when you disassemble. You'll want to know this diameter, since you'll have to buy rivets to replace those..... Go with either Stainless or Aluminum rivets. :)

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