Need help with ignition coil

I have a wr450f that has no spark. I have been running some tests on the ignition system,but my question is this. Should the coil (that sits directly over the plug)have continuity betwen either of the two connectors on top and the bottom connector that attaches to the top of the spark plug? I have none. It would seem the current would have to travel a path to the plug (continuity) unless it jumps somehow inside the coil ( no continuity). Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, the manual states that there should be (0.08 to 0.10) ohms resistance between the two leads on the top of the plug.

And between (4.6 to 6.8k) ohms between one of the top leads and the bottom of the sparkplug cap.

Let us know what you find. Maniac

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