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Daymak 2009 125cc Pitbike. Just picked it up. Needs work...

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Hey Everyone Just Traded one of my pedal bikes for A Daymak Pitbike. It has a few problems i would like to talk to you all about, and show you some pictures. Maybe you can point me in the right direction. Its a cheaper end bike, im not looking to put much money in to it, other then the what it needs to run good. All the pictures are on Photo bucket i will leave a link, there are 6 or 7 to look at. i would much appreciate if you look at them all. and Tell me what you see wrong or what would be better? Thanks

So the problems: First. Clutch cable gone, (buy a new one go figure) Second. The kick start has been broken off, bolt is stuck on the kick start piece. Third. The left side motor and front cog are exposed Forth, I applied pressure to the back brake and now the back wheel will not roll. some how its seized. Fifth The throttle doesn't slide well.

Good things about it

-Has oversized pegs

-Bigger bars

-both tires are 14''

-Sits pretty high

Bad things

-non adjustable shocks

-exhaust is weird, having an emissns piece stick out of it

So how should i go about fixing the back brake, or atlest figuring out what part is broken. Do i just get a new kick start and tighten it on that rivet, (the rivet where the kick start goes on, seems striped a little) How to clean my throttle cabel.

Thanks for looking at my Post.

Again appreciate all positive input.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Pictures ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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