Wr450 power wheelie?

What gears can your guys bikes power wheelie? I tried on mine and it only lifts up in first gear..?

By power wheelie do you mean sitting down and just using throttle ? Some people are saying their wr450 wheelies in 4th so I figure at least 2nd should lift up...

Standing up and leaning back with a slight pull on the bars my 05 Crf250r will do 5th gear wheelies...no clutch no yanking on the bars. And thats with higher than stock gearing. You should be able to do stand up wheelies all day in 5th on that bike. My brother has a 450x and it just pops up in 5th and you can ride it for miles.

I thought people said they can sit down in third gear and wheelie it? Mine doesn't even try to lift up

I have a 09 WR450 and i can do one in 4th but i really have to yank on it. Sitting down third no problem. I have been reading up the mods and getting some more power out of this bike

Are you giving it full throttle in third? And are you leaning back in third ? I'm not sure how it's supposed to be done, like mid rpm range hammer it?

Everyone has their own definition of 'power wheelie' ... some guys consider it just not using the clutch at all, to get the front end up.. while other folks consider a power wheelie a wheelie using nothing but throttle.. no body english or anything.

Having said that.. my 09 with plenty of mods will do a 'no body english' wheelie in 1st and 2nd, and kind of a weak one in 3rd.. but if I lean a bit with it, it'll pop right up.. Hope this helps..

Hmm maybe I'm just not doing it right , I'm only 170 pounds it should be able to lift up

You guys are doing good to wheelie the wr450.Of all my bikes I can wheelie very easy,my 07wr450 only wheel spin.redid the susp lot better,6psi rear tire.Only can get it up small amout.Wet dirt new tire,only time it will wheelie.

I see people on YouTube doing a wheelie from 0-140 kmh

Hmm maybe I'm just not doing it right , I'm only 170 pounds it should be able to lift up

If your shock preload isn't set correctly, it will be very hard to wheelie the bike, as all your rearward thrust will be sucked up by the spring compressing. Have you set your sag on the bike?

No idea I've only rode it a few times and didn't touch suspension

Thats probably your issue.

Like they said earlier everyone has a different definition of a power wheelie. My uinderstanding is no clutch and a little body postioning...no bouncing the suspension clutch or yanking on the bars. If you are sitting on the seat up against the tank it will be way harder to wheelie than standing with your weight back. Even my CB1000r wont do power wheelies over 70-80mph unless I get that weight back a little.

Set your sag at 100 - 105 mm. Mine was set at 95 for one ride this year after a revalve. It would not wheelie very easily. Now it is at 102 and wheelies are easy.

Should they be able to pop up at mid rpm range ?

Thats kind of a vague question... but if your sag is set right, if the bike is jetted right and running properly, and if you are in an appropiate gear- yes, they should all snap up pretty easily in the midrange.

Well my mid range has good power but my top end doesn't

You should definetly sell the bike then.. i think its going to explode soon.

You should definetly sell the bike then.. i think its going to explode soon.

Good one Snarfie!!!

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