tracks the day before a race

How busy is the typical local track the day before a race?

I want to ride next weekend (haven't ridden in 2 weeks now :) ) but there is going to be a race at that track every sunday for the next 4 sundays. I want to ride saturday but not if it's over crowded since I don't yet race and don't want to take practice time away from someone who needs it for the next days race. I should probably just call the track and ask, but I figured you guys could give me some eticate lessons here. :D


I'm not sure how it is at other tracks but our local track is not all that crowded the day before a race. I think this is a great time to go practice as you'll get to check out some of the fast guys and what lines they take. You can usually find a rider or two to play-race with and that always helps. The downside is that you have to go home and prep the bike for the next day, and that's not easy when you find that you are tired and stiff later.

Some tracks don't allow pratice the day before, some just close a little early to start prepping for the next day. Give your track a call and find out their hours. It shouldn't be crowded, must guys and gals are chill'n before race day.



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Thanks for the replies. This track is open but they do close early the day before (close at 2:00pm). I just assumed that everyone who was going to race would be out there trying to memorize the track. I think I'll go and see what happens. I'm not ready to race just yet, but I'm almost there. :)

It's usually not a problem, unless it is a big series race, and they are going to a "new" track. Then you get a large turnout of riders who normally don't ride there. Most riders don't ride the day before a race. I don't have the self control not to burn myself out on Saturday, especially if the track is extra nice.

Don't know if all tracks allow this, but when I first started riding I would practice right AFTER the race. I would take my son to race his 50 or just go watch the races. After the races wrapped up and the track was deserted, I would go ride. At most there would only be a few other bikes on the track and I found that the track was in much better shape right after the races than on usual practice days.


I know what you mean about self control. Last weekend I did a long day of practice and chose to race the next day. I definitely felt it, but it wasn't so so bad. Bill and his crew were there to cheer me on, so I dug down for the extra gusto.

Most tracks don't allow practice the day before a race. If your track does, take advantage of it. If I had it my way, I'd do a light 20 min warm up and then a good moto. Call it a day and be out of there by 1pm to get your bike ready for the next day. --- Otherwise, I don't like to practice the day before a race. Two days before, definitely. Saturday is usually a carb load/sleep/prep day for me. :)

Bill, planning on Happy's for next Sunday. I'm hitting Budd's Creek on Wed. and then a light practice day on Friday. Should be ready by then. :D

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