** Utah riders, Stansbury, Hobble Creek, or..?? **

I'm thinking about organizing another TT ride here in northern Utah for this Saturday 10/11. We've ridden so much at Hobble Creek, maybe Stansbury or somewhere else. Any suggestions... or riders who'd like to join us??? Chris, what are your thoughts?

Dan and I are headed to Moab this morning...just had to rub that in!! :):D

Have fun on your "whimpy" dual-sport ride :D. Seriously though, wish I could have come. My kitchen pass is only good for half a day on Saturdays... but it's EVERY Saturday :). Later this fall we should do a Cherry Creek ride.

Hey Eric- give me a call on my cell at 556-8082. I need a phone # I can reach you at (your cell isn't it). I'm going down to central utah for the sage riders' ride this weekend. 172 miles of trails in 2 days. :D :D :D:) I'd DEFINITELY be up for a cherry creek ride sometime soon. Hobble creek is way cool too. I can't get enough of that place. How about you guys go to standsbury this weekend so I don't miss out on anything. :D:D That is still my least favorite place. I'll be up for a ride in 1.3 weeks for sure. Call me Eric! Thanks


Have you tried five mile pass ? or americanfork canyon,soapstone? these are great rides :)

Where's soapstone? Been to all the rest.

Hey Eric,

Was that you and the gang at Strawberry, up on Mud Creek? I tried to wave you down and stop you, but I just missed you, we were in the horse corral packing up.

I did find the trail that connects Hobble Creek to Strawberry Ridge and hopefully I'll get a chance to try it out before winter.

I was on my way from Mud Creek to Daniels Summit for lunch one day last week when I found it. My thoughts are to start early one day from Hobble Creek and go to Daniels Summit for breakfast then head back. Could be a great ride. :)

Soapstone is a good ride. I have been there three times this past summer. Perfect ride for dual sports, because you can start at Wolf Creek and go over to Soapstone or vice versa. A good fun route could be, SLC over Guardsman Pass to Kamas to Soapstone to Wolf Creek to Currant Creek to Strawberry to Hobble Creek to SLC. It would be a full day, but fun.

Nope, that wasn't us up Strawberry. I didn't make it out this weekend. No one to ride with. Two weeks ago we found a new trail link from Kirkman Hollow (Springville canyon) to West Portal (Diamond Fork). After going down Sawmill, you follow Diamond Fork road about 3 1/2 miles to the Chase Creek trail head. This goes directly to West Portal and is the best single track section we've found in this canyon. I'm going to try and organize another ride this weekend. Interested?

Dude, we totally need to get a ride going for next weekend!! This weekend only put over 300 miles in the books. :):D:D Wherever you wanna go Eric, just as long as we go. It's getting pretty cool and the mountains will have snow soon, so my vote is for some more of that before it's no longer an option. Then it's off to the desert baby!!! Yehaa!!! :D

Getting ready to post a ride invite today. Guess the best area for mountain riding is Hobble Creek. Two weeks ago we located a new piece of single track which connects Sawmill with West Portal -- we can now avoid almost all of the dirt road riding. So it'll be Saturday 10:00am at Kirkman Hollow.

Went to soapstone sunday it was fun,a little cool next weekend is the deer hunt think i will stay away from the moutains.

Any chance we could make that closer to 2:00? Maybe it will already be too cool at hobble creek, I dunno. :) Maybe cherry creek? Whatever..... I'm in though!!! :D :D

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