Speed conversion?

Is it possible to fit the later digital speedo to the older needle type speedo?

I already have the later cable drive. So would it be a simple plug and play job?

Boy! Interesting question! What type of bike are we talking about? Maniac

Its a 04 wr 450

The digital speedo doesn't use a needle type sensor so you would need the whole assembly and possibly a new front hub with the two prongs on it.

I already have the speedo drive from a 08 model with the long cable and a plug on the end. Im thinking the plug would just plug into the later speedo.

But where would i get the power from?


I am sure the computer needs DC power. Not sure if your bike put's out DC power in stock form. Best way I can think of doing it is floating the ground on your stator, get a new reg/rec that puts out some DC and get a battery then run the odo to the battery. If you don't have a battery the odo will reset every time you turn the bike off.

^^^^ that, or the easiest way... pick up a wiring harness from a 06 WR. Install the wiring harness on your bike as yours is now, plug almost everything in, and run the bike as per oem specs.

I'm running what's left of a 2006 WR wiring harness on my 2004 WR, all the wiring routed the same, all of it zip tied in the same locations. Only real difference was behind the headlight. The digital speedo has a different mounting bracket than yours, it provides the some tabs to secure all of the forward connectors into place, where your bike right now has a separate bracket to strickly hold the connectors. Other than that everything is pretty much bolt up/plug and play with your carb, stator, cdi, headlight, taillight, clutch switch, ign switch, kill & start buttons. Only other issue you will run into, I think it was the neutral switch connector needs to be depinned and swapped to the matching year connector from your existing wiring harness (which is a 2 minute job).

Hopefully this help you out, happy modding

You'd need to purchase the wiring harness, the WR digital speedo, and the speedo mounting bracket.

*** edit - you'll also have to find a safe way to route the speedo wiring so it doesn't get snagged in your tire. And to clarify, your hub, and a 06 hub are the exact same with the same anti-rotation design on the lower fork leg.****

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Thanks think thats everything i need to know for the time being.

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