I wanted to say hello. I am new to the board and I am getting my WR450 Friday. You guys are full of good info and entertaining at times.



Welcome, the mo' the better............... :)

Welcome on board we are always glad to get new members! :)

yea welcome aboard. man i though everyone already had a wr. Guess not. LOL :)


Im just glad you know how to post a avatar! :)

welcome! :D

Climb aboard BiB, if you didn't already have a racked up credit card, you will soon. This site WILL cost you money, but it's all good. Sometimes I think that this WR450 is like a Harley.......the cheap part is the bike. One things for sure parts will be easier to find than Can Am parts :)

Thanks for the welcome. As for credit cards you better watch out for me. I have yellow tires for sale! Unfortunatly they wont fit the WR. :)

I have yellow tires for sale!

If you do a burnout on pavement will the smoke be yellow? :)

welcome enjoy your wr and the web site :)

Actually it will be lighter colored as the rubber is actually yellow. It leaves pretty yellow marks on rocks though.

I get my WR today.:)

Thanks again for the friendly welcomes!

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