Yoshi Slip-on or Full System for 2010 YZ450?

Yoshi RS4 slip-on or full system?

Anyone know first hand if there is a difference in performance?

I just put he full system on my bike but I'm surrounded by snow so I can't tell you how it performs. It's the best one according to MXA at least.

I have the slip on and it was a huge improvement over stock. Not sure the full system would be worth the extra cash but I am sure it wouldn't be any worse than the slip on.

Thanks guys. I'd like to buy soon and not finding much difference based on rider feedback.

Called Yoshi on the way home from work today. The sales guy claimed a slip-on added about 1 HP and the full system would increase power by 2-3 HP. I am looking to get rid of the low end bark and increase mid to high. PIM box or tuner and Slip-on should meet my needs.

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