02 426 sprockets fit on a 2010 yz 450?

title says it all thanks!!!


excellant.i had just put new chain and sprockets on 426.then i was givein the all go to upgrade by the ball and chain.now owner of yz450.LIFE IS GOOD!!!! :bonk::lol::smirk:

You probably won't want to use a 14 on the front of the '10, if that's what's on the 426. They come with a 13 because the internal gearing is higher

Are the sprockets worn on the 2010 or do you just want to swap them because they're new on the 426?

sprockets are good on 450.going to retire 426.have noticed levers fit as well as i have some shorty aftermarket on her so will do a bit of a changeover.


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