05 450F stalling very easy

Ok not sure if this is 'normal' but i dont have another 05 to compare it with. Basically this bike stalls VERY easily. I go to take off and if im not giving it enough gas she abruptly stops. Worse is on steep 1st gear hillclimbs she stops way too often for my liking.. It doesnt even give you a chance to pull the clutch in, no warning like motor labouring or whatever just BAM leaving you in a shit of a spot

My previous bike was an xr400 and she could climb those same hills on idle lol not really comparable but just my experience

My brothers bike is a yz400 and it is NOTHING like my bike, its much closer to the xr with regards to the stalling

I have also the heaviest steahly flywheel on my bike in order to aid it. And my gearing is lower than standard from what i recall

Any ideas? Its like driving a car with a brass button clutch if i can compare it to something

Is this just the nature of the beast?


They're a bit prone to stalling anyway, but one thing that you can do to make it worse is to run the pilot circuit too rich. People often go to a larger pilot jet than they should have in order to get rid of every trace of popping or try to get it to take a snap on the throttle like a two-stroke will, but what happens is that the excessively rich idle causes it to idle down way too fast when the throttle is closed quickly under a load.

Cool, thanks

i did go up 1 size if i recall correctly to do exactly as you stated :/

Look this over:


It gets even worse when someone is chasing a decel pop that's caused by an air leak in the exhaust and not a lean idle circuit. By the time they get it rich enough to make it stop, it might be three steps higher than it should be. They're supposed to pop a little some of the time anyway.

Thats good info Grey. I need to check my 08 450. It just seems it stalls too easy, in places it shouldn't. I think I have a 48 pilot in. I'm going to try the stock pilot this weekend, if the snow holds off.

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