yz426 2000 question

i just bot one and rode it twice. is there anything special that i need to know on this bike, any notorious problems?



Congrats! I think you'll be quite happy with your decision, I certainly am.

If your clutch is grabby or chatters when you release it, you'll want to install the innermost cluth plate/spring from the 01 assembly. This is a problem with the 00's. A search on this site should turn up the part #'s quite easily.

Keep the oil changed, Probobly a good idea to check the valves just to be sure they are OK and ride ride ride!

Also, Keep your chain adjusted properly. Too tight and you will stretch the chain out at an amazing rate or break your rear sprocket/hub. Too loose and you'll round off an aluminum sprocket in record time.

Dave S

[This message has been edited by Dave S (edited 08-13-2001).]

If it's a new bike or has the stock chain, you should replace it pretty quick with a good one or you'll ruin your sprockets and have to replace them a lot sooner than they ought to be replaced.

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