Yamaha GYTR or Yosh PIM2?

They are both about the same price.

The Yoshi PIM2 I believe ajusts only fuel, but with smaller bands.

GYTR Tuner adjusts ignition.

My desire is to get rid of the off-idle jerk and tune the bike for an aftermarket slip-on exhaust.

Which device would better meet my needs?

Thank you!

Have you considered the Power Commander 5? It is recommended or a similar tuner on the Tuning section by Eddie Sisneros, but I believe that you will still need access to a GYTR Tuner for ignition adjustments. Eddie stated to me in a e-mail that it helps with some of the issues and he has maps for the YZ450F.

The power commander V combined with the GYTR power tuner is the ultimate tuning combination for this bike.

THe power commander V has a much more broad and adjustable fuel map than the PIM2 and especially the GYTR. You'll still need the GYTR for ignition tuning however.

I have both and I use the jay marmot ignition map with one of the PCV fuel maps made for my combination of mods on my bike. Bike runs like a champ.

hmmm. The site says the PCV with ignition mapping is $399 and coming soon. That would be a great buy compared to the other options.

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