xr650r VS the world

hi guys,

i have finally bought my dream bike the XR650

now for the big question - will the xr650 take me around the world, something i plan to do in about a years time :)

what are your thoughts on this ultimate test for the BRP.


I wanna go. :)

What is your route? where are you starting?

How much off-pavement are you planning to do?

Is your XR650R road-legal in the USA?

I think a larger fuel tank and changing the sprocket ratio are musts..

I have been toying around with the idea on a KTM Adventure, I know that bike has been ridden around the world by a few.

You may want to acquire the 42.5mm CV carburetor from the XR650L. You gas milleage will improve considerably!

Otherwise, if you leave the rest of the engine stock, it would easily go around the world twice. It's a Honda!! :)

I was recently at an event where I had the chance to talk with some of the Honda folks directly. I asked them about which bikes should I look at for a trip to the tip of South America and back. Not quite around the world, but a worthy adventure. I thought for sure they would strongly suggest the 650R but to my surprise they all said the 650L was a better choice because of the length of time one would be on the road and the better suspension for the kind of riding you would be doing. In the end, they felt the suspension was too tight on the R and would make the trip more difficult and uncomfortable.

Not that I've ever been the one to listen to advise when asked, I'm still strongly leaning towards the R for this trip. They didn't convince me. Strength and durability over comfort.

i had a xr650l for adventure riding. although, i never took it out of the states, i did a lot of big trips in the north west and rode it from washington state to colorado and back. i agree. i would look at the 650l if you are gonna jump on and off the pavement a lot or i'd even look at smaller bore bikes like the 400 or 250. we have an adventure rider who comes by the facility a lot and he swears that the only way to go around the world is on a 400cc air cooled motorcycle.

if i was gonna get back into it i'd buy a 650l. they are cheaper than hell right now and there's enough aftermarket stuff out there to outfit it.

there's a bunch of reasons not to take the 650r. #1 chances are you will find parts for the other xrs i.e. the 650l 400 and 250 in lesser developed countries since the models have been around longer. #2 the radiators getting smashed and boil overs. #3 bigger engine means more wear and faster wear on chains, sprockets, tires, wheels, etc. #4 i'm not sure if that sub-frame can handle cargo since it's alu.

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