MSR ISDE 2004 Jacket & Pants

Looking desperately to get my hands on the above during my trip to the US. Does anybody know anyplace that actually has the 2004 stock? Most places appear to be waiting until mid november for stock to arrive.

On the 2003 model every place come up with has none left. Anybody know a place that still has them (XL jacket 38 pants).


Hey !

That's my size too :)

One more post :D


Thanks for the post, I have been looking for the pants also.

Wr Jason,

Thanks for letting us know. Ordered a pair today.

I love the small pocket on these, its great for licence money etc.

Does a chest protector fit ok under this jacket ? It seems to be very well made.

Received an E mail after ordering pants from MX South. The new ISDE pants are back ordered and won't be in until mid November.

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